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Computer Backup

"There are two types of people. Those who backup and those who have yet to lose everything to a system crash."

So, why don't people back up? The answer is simple. Many people don't understand how to do this operation and think of backups as time-consuming, expensive or un-reliable. I have a solution that is 100% automatic, affordable, and gives you peace of mind that your files are safe.

Managed Hybrid Backup is a backup approach combining local backup for fast backup and restore, along with off-site backup for protection against local disasters. Backups are monitored regularly to ensure that backups actually happen. Plus, assistance is available in restoring and recovering data.


Managed Hybrid Backup is only $1 per day

to ensure all of your important data is protected against disaster.

Included in the package:

  • daily backups for one device
  • unlimited offsite backup retention
  • unlimited offsite storage space
  • monitoring of remote backup jobs
  • maintenance and upgrades to backups

Automatic Protection

Managed Hybrid Backup (MHB) happens all by itself. There is nothing to remember. No annoying popups. The user does not have to change tapes, label CDs or perform other manual steps. If a backup is interrupted, it automatically resumes when computers become available again. Backups are stored both locally and offsite from the original data. No one is required to manually take the backup media offsite, making your backup system hands-free!

Security and Encryption

Backup data is encrypted with a 448-bit data key before being transmitted remotely using 256-bit AES communication. Data remains encrypted once it reaches the destination and is never unencrypted until restored.

Flexible Restore Options

Have you ever accidentally saved over a file or needed to return to a previous version? It's no problem with MHB. You can go back in time and choose to restore specific versions of files based on date. The length of backup retention is unlimited and there is no restriction on file sizes.

Incorporate Existing Hardware

You won't have to throw away your current backup system. The investment can become part of the new hybrid system. Existing hardware, such as external hard drives, can continue to be used as local backups. Successful backups will no longer depend on users remembering to change backup media.

Protection for Everyone

Backup systems are not just for servers. Whether you are a home user, a small business, or a large business with a server, having reliable backups is essential. MHB can back up everything, from treasured photos on your home computer, to critical business documents and email stored on a server. You will have peace of mind that your files are safe.


MHB works on all current Windows platforms, 32 and 64 bit, for home systems, business workstations, and servers. Setup is fast and backups won't interfere with your computer use. There is a one-time $65 administration fee at installation. If you don't currently have a local backup system, an external hard drive can be provided.


Contact me to receive more information or to get started.

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