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Eco-Tech Waterloo Inc.

Eco-Tech Waterloo Inc. provides E-waste collection, data destruction, refurbished computer sales, and service to residential and corporate clients within Waterloo Region.

Keeping you Green

Ontario has been making an effort to reduce the amount of electronic waste (E-Waste) that makes it into landfills. Upwards of 90% of e-waste components are actually recyclable. To fund the effort, the Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) program was created and recycling fees, also known as 'Eco Fees', are applied to nearly all new electronic products at purchase. Additionally, the Region of Waterloo Waste Management no longer accepts e-waste for garbage collection and charges a fee to dispose of them at the landfill.

To give people the option to save money and recycle their e-waste, the program was created in conjuction with OES. Now you can drop off your old computers, TVs, printers, etc., to 'Eco-Drop' locations around the region at no cost. The parts are then either determined to be reusable and are refurbished, or are broken down into their component metals and plastics and sent to industry to be processed into new materials, ensuring nothing ends up in a landfill.

KW ComputerSmith simplifies the entire process for you. All eco fees are pre-paid and I will remove your old hardware and dispose of it at an Eco-Drop location. A fee of $10 per major component is applied to cover the service, and it includes secure wiping of any data from hard drives before disposal!

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Protecting your Privacy

Cleaning the files from your computer before disposal is essential to protect your confidential information. Once your data is backed up or transferred to a new computer or device, it's time to wipe the old drive!

It's a common misconception that if you delete files, empty the recycle bin, format the drive, or even delete the drive partitions, that the information is gone forever. It may come as a shock to know the files, or their magnetic signatures, still reside on the drive even after doing this. To truely wipe the drive clean of confidential information, it must be completely overwriten using special algorithms to ensure the complete destruction of the data.

KW ComputerSmith provides secure destruction of data for all hard drives and USB storage devices, using American DoD (Department of Defense) standards, before disposal or reuse. This service is included at no extra cost with the disposal fee for any e-waste.

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