KW ComputerSmith - Professional Computer Support for Waterloo Region

A server is a computer dedicated to serving the needs of users on a network. It can host email and web sites, share files and printers, plus other services. Read more...

Desktop Computer

Desktop computers remain the most popular choice for business workstations and gaming computers.
They can be custom built to a user's needs, and provide flexibility in choice of peripherals and future upgrades. Read more...


Laptops give you the mobility you need
to take your work,
games, movies,
and more, with you wherever you go. They take up very little space and can be used for hours without access to power. Read more...

Software, Peripherals and Accessories

  • Choose the Windows version that best suits your needs (Home, Business, or Server).
  • Add a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and Microsoft Office to complete your system.
  • Printers, scanners, additional software, and other accessories available at your request.
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